Many people associate tinting with nice cars, not with homes.  But with Cactus Window Tint, your tinting options expand to the home as well.  You might be thinking that tinting your home windows would be the last thing you would want to do.  Will it change the view from your window?  Well, you might be surprised to discover that Scottsdale residential tinting offers not only a wide selection of options, but several excellent reasons to try out these new technologies for you and your family.

With the push to go green, many homeowners are reconsidering the windows in their homes.  But energy efficiency stretches beyond the installation of certain kinds of windows.  People enjoy the health and emotional benefiresidential tinting   Cactus Window Tintts of natural light, and with 3M technology, you can experience 15 – 35% of natural light all day long with the low reflectivity this tint provides.  Consider the typical sunny Scottsdale day.  What if your windows could help you reject 71% of the heat from the sun’s rays while not altering the view from inside?  Think of the energy savings this new window tinting could provide!

Additionally, our residential window tinting services can offer the ultimate in UV protection.  While it has been well established that the number one cause of skin cancer is overexposure to the sun, we rarely think of our homes as a potential source of trouble.  Sure, waiting in traffic in a car while baking in the sun is an experience we can all relate to.  But what about that sunny window where you read the newspaper or work on the laptop?  SunTek technology allows the homeowner to experience superior glare reduction while rejecting dangerous UV rays.

Privacy is a huge concern for many Scottsdale residents.  Window tinting allows the option for high exterior reflectivity and low interior reflectivity.  This means that your privacy is enhanced in addition to allowing excellent night views and reduced glare on the windows of the home.

Cactus Window Tint is committed to tinting and tinting only.  This means you get the experience of two decades in the Scottsdale residential glass tinting field.  We offer free site analysis and consultations as well as numerous home improvement options.  Take advantage of our commitment to customer service and our experience in the window tinting market.  We can help you learn about installation guidelines, factory warranties, and those all-important trade secrets!  Check out our gallery for examples!