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Automotive Film

Heat, infrared, and UV protection

Cactus Tint owner Rick Sullivan and his staff of professional installers work with two of the world’s finest window film manufacturers, 3M and Suntek, whose superior products significantly reduce heat and UV rays while retaining color stability over long periods of solar exposure.

The 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film is a multilayer film combining more than 200 layers thinner than a Post-it® Note. While allowing 90% of light into your vehicle, these films reject up to 97% of heat-producing infrared light and block as much as 60% of the heat entering through your windows.

The 3M/Color Stable film incorporates nano-carbon polyester, significantly reducing heat and blocking 99% of UV rays up to SPF1000 to protect both your skin and your car’s interior colors. Both products are life-time warrantied and do not interfere with cell phone, radio and satellite signals.

From Suntek, the Suntek/HP offers excellent heat rejection and glare reduction and a charcoal shade to enhance your vehicle’s appearance. The premium Suntek/CXP is nano-hybrid carbon technology for superior heat, infrared, and UV rejection, with no interference to cell phones, radios or navigation systems. Both HP and CXP carry lifetime Suntek warranties.

Rick’s Scottsdale window tint showroom features oversize display boards, which allow you to see exactly what film and colors are available. He even has a heat lamp set up, so you can feel the difference in the products as well. Stop by Cactus Tint and experience the difference premium film makes — in coolness, comfort and protection.

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Commercial & Residential

Your Valley Commercial Film Experts!

Window film is a sheet of coating that, with proper installation by Cactus Tint, can deliver energy savings similar to that offered by premium replacement windows — but without the expense of replacement. On existing home windows, including dual pane and low e, the process is usually complete in no more than two days, with immediate improvements in comfort, efficiency and glare reduction.

A wide range of protective film is available. These include anti-graffiti, nonreflective, decorative, dual-reflective and ceramic. Choose, too, from many shades, almost clear to dark. And, because window film is considered carbon negative, some products qualify for sustainable home credits and energy rebates.

Why pay for the custom cost of manufacturing and delivering new windows, when you can prolong the life of your structurally well-performing windows with film from one of Scottsdale’s leading window film installers, saving you money and without sacrificing environmental concern?

Cactus Tint’s preferred provider, Shadow Tinting, offers commercial film that blocks 98 percent of damaging ultraviolet light and as much as 82 percent of uncomfortable solar heat.

In the event of impacts such as high winds, blasts or break-ins, high-tensile polyester with scratch-resistant coatings help hold window shards in place; these layers combine with ultraviolet inhibitors to protect merchandise and valuables against fading. And, the manufacturer assumes all pre-existing warranties on installation.

If you are thinking about tinting a building, office or home, Cactus Window Tint provides free in-home or at-business estimates six days a week. Call today for an appointment.

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Clear Bra

Protect Your Paint

Clear bra, or Paint Protection Film (PPF), is a clear urethane that certified Cactus Tint installers attach to the finish of those areas of your vehicle prone to minor impacts, such as your hood and bumper. Practically invisible, this durable film protects any vehicle from nicks, chips, abrasions and scuffs, and PPF can also protect your headlights from yellowing and hazing.

Race tested to 160-plus mph, clear bra requires minor maintenance, can be waxed, is car wash friendly, easily removable, and Cactus Tint uses Xpel software to eliminate hand-cutting or bulking. This “cosmetic protection for your car” can improve the resale value of your car, truck, boat or other vehicle. And, we stand by our experienced professionals with a five-year paint-protection warranty.

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Vehicle Wraps

An easy solution to a boring car

Want to change the look of your car or truck without harming the factory finish? Cactus Tint’s professional team can install premium 3M 1080 film to change the look of your vehicle while maintaining its original color for resale or to return to when your requirements or mood change.

Individuals and fleet owners enjoy the process because most vehicles can be wrapped within two to three days, and our professional installers can also remove it without damaging the original paint.

Matte Metallic is popular now, and you can choose from Carbon Fiber, Matte and Brushed Metallic Colors, including 15 new shades. Easy Apply RS™ is available in Ultimate Cast, High Performance and Intermediate Calendered products — just the right wrap for your needs.