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Cactus Window Tint in Scottsdale, AZ is not just another tint shop. We specialize not only in personal and fleet vehicle tinting, wrapping and clear bra protection, we also offer residential and commercial tinting, protective, decretive and security films. Our philosophy is simple; do things right the first time! After 28 years we have learned that there is no such thing as a small job. Whether you need your personal car tinted, your new home protected or a complete facelift on your 10 story building, we believe that quality installation, attention to detail and customer service are the cornerstones of a job well done.

We have been servicing Scottsdale residents for over 28 years! If you are looking for automotive, residential or commercial tint, please contact us today for a free quote. Our number is 480.248.8966

our professional services

  • Automotive Film

    Your Valley Experts
    • All makes and models
    • Wide array of film options
    • Quick turn-around
    • We also offer paint protection film

    With over 20 years experience in the valley auto tint market, you can be assured your car will be tinted professionally and with the proper film for your needs. Nobody does it better than Cactus Window Tint.

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  • Commercial Tint and Film Protection

    Implementing window film at your commercial property or business has many advantages both aesthetically and environmentally. Let us survey your space and consult you the best options for your needs.

    Bonded, Fully Insured and a Licensed Contractor, roc # 305663

    No Job Too Large
    • Free site analysis / consultation
    • Wide array of film options
    • Security films
    • Decorative films
    • Fully Insured
    • Energy efficient solutions

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  • Residential Tint and Film Protection

    Go Green!
    • Free site analysis / consultation
    • Wide array of film options
    • Enhance your privacy
    • Lower your energy bill
    • Security films
    • Decorative films

    Bonded, Fully Insured and a Licensed Contractor, roc # 305663

    Installing window film on your home can serve many useful purposes, most notably how much it can save you money over the long term. We offer free consultations and many home improvement options.

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  • Vehicle Clear Bra

    Clear bra, or Paint Protection Film (PPF), is a clear urethane that certified Cactus Tint installers attach to the finish of those areas of your vehicle prone to minor impacts, such as your hood and bumper. Practically invisible, this durable film protects any vehicle from nicks, chips, abrasions and scuffs, and PPF can also protect your headlights from yellowing and hazing.

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  • UTV & Vehicle Wraps

    Want to change the look of your car or truck without harming the factory finish?

    Cactus Window Tint’s professional team can install premium 3M 1080 film to change the look of your vehicle while maintaining its original color for resale or to return to when your requirements or mood change.

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Josh - Thanks again for everything!

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent work your team did for my car! I have had many tinted cars, but none as well as my Model 3! I have seen several Model 3's with only partial tint coverage on the back window - NOT a fan!! I especially like the shaved edges on the doors - it's a small detail that makes the job look so much better! I am very grateful for your service and willingness to take care of any problems, particularly the upholstery and the driver's door window. I suspect many companies would have treated these situations differently from you. You went above and beyond, for which I am incredibly thankful. I see why Jonathan so highly recommended you - excellent work and products, and more importantly, excellent service! "

Kenny Brosh - Soccer Mom Van

"Rick and his crew did an amazing job. The clear bra is undetectable and will save me from 100 rock chips, that were sure to come. The tint looks amazing and for sure the windshield is a must. It really cut down on the heat in the vehicle. Thanks guys! Nobody loves their soccer mom van more than me!!"

Erik Stensland - Luxury

"Awesome customer service, they take the time with each individual person to talk about and advise them about what’s best for their car. They even have the actual product on these test boards that you can take outside and assess how the tint is going to look. Also experienced great customer service when I dropped off the car right at opening and decided to wait instead of leave and wait for their call that it’s finished (the preferred way to do it), and they made it a priority to get it done!"

Dale Stanley - Classic

"Excellent work. Rick and his team stripped and re-tinted our Mustang and it looks better than ever. They respect your property and do great work at a reasonable price. I will definitely use Cactus Window Tint again."

Kim de Beus - Luxury

"It was a pleasure doing business with Rick and his team; if you want professional and courteous this is the place to go. Rick put a clear bra on my Tesla and it looks awesome. I will be returning before summer to have the windows tinted as well. Thank you"

Tyler Moore - Trucks

"I have had two trucks done here they do the best work in the valley. Highly recommend using these guys."

Zach Z. - Something for everyone

"Yeah, I mean all the reviews are spot on. I was a bit hesitant at first because I had no idea there were so many different levels of tint and was surprised to find out you can spend $700 on tint. Rick is a great guy and helped me land on the right tint for me. Once I talked to him, I knew I found my tint shop. Great work, finished on time, fair price. Can't ask for anything more. Recommend!"

Ross M. - Accurate Quotes

"Owner got back to me right away with an estimate and when I went in to have the work done, the price was exactly as quoted and the work was done in half the time they quoted me. Tint looks great."

David N. - Great Experience

"Had a great experience. Rick followed up by email and was thorough by phone. The drop off was extremely easy and am very satisfied. Plan to bring back another car in the near future. Highly recommended."

Naz A. - First Visit

"I first visited Cactus Window Tint last summer to get my wife's car tinted. I am a big Yelp user but never write reviews. I went to Cactus the first time because of Yelp and they did a top notch job on her car. Great facility with a comfortable waiting room, Rick the owner is unbelievably friendly, and they do the best job I've seen (I've owned 8 other cars and had varying degrees of quality on the window tint on them....lived in a different state for those). Today I had an appointment for my new car. Rick remembered my name, and was incredibly enthusiastic and friendly about the business. His shop is always booked because they are so good, so make sure to call in early for your appointment. I dropped my car off and was planning on waiting but the owner himself said he would drop me off to my office nearly 20 minutes away and he picked me up! Amazing service, amazing quality, cant go wrong."

Albert D. - Resolved

"Had bit of an issue the 1st time coming here, but Rick fixed the problem and made it perfect! Ricks upstanding business practices of customer satisfaction is greatly appreciated. I will be definitely going back to get the rest of my car tinted, as they offer high quality and different varieties of tints to choose from. Thanks again Rick."

Mike B. - Very friendly

"Great service, did a great job explaining the available options without it feeling like a high-pressure sales pitch. Very friendly and the tint looks and works great."