A classic accessory that has been added to cars for dozens of years. It is a cool add-on to your car in multiple ways: it looks nice, it helps keep out sunlight that warms the car up, and it is often easier on your eyes when driving.

Yet, every state in America has passed laws against having tints that are too dark, and for good reason: law enforcement officers cannot see into the vehicle when pulling the car over. This has put lives at risk, which law makers aimed to eliminate as much as possible.

For most states these laws can be broken down along multiple categories. The first is the type of vehicle: laws differentiate between a sedan, an SUV/Truck, and commercial trucks/buses. From there, the law also differentiates between the windows, so the windshield and front windows are different from the back windows.

Arizona Law

To tell how dark your windows can be, it is also helpful to know how Arizona law sees window tint. The darkness of a window is not subjective in the eyes of Arizona’s laws: rather, it is based on an objective measure called Visible Light Transmission percentage, or VLT%. This percentage reflects the amount of daylight that travels through a glass, with glass that allows more sunlight to pass through having a higher VLT percentage.

The laws, then, place a limit on the low end, marking a percentage minimum of light that can be reflected.

As such in Arizona, the front window and windshield tints must allow more than 33% of light in. This is only for the front windows and windshields of sedans; for the back windows, any darkness can be used. The only further restriction is that, while you can have reflective tint above the AS-1 line, it cannot be reflective.

In Arizona, the same rules apply to SUV and vans. Tints can be applied above the AS-1 line on the windshield, and tints to the window, that allow more than 33% of light in. Back windows have no restrictions.

As can be seen, window tints can be applied to the vehicle, but cannot be too dark. This really only applies to the front windows and windshield. You can have as dark as you want on the back windows. So go out, buy some tint, and spruce up your car. Window tints always add an element of character not found on most other cars!

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