When you are ready to have your commercial window tint applied, you know that this is serious business. After all, you’re protecting your business with privacy or your employees from the hot sun rays. In fact, commercial window tint even helps protect your business’ inventory and security. So now that you’ve made the decision to get commercial window tint, there’s a few more things left to consider.

#1 Style

Are you wanting to protect your privacy with the commercial window tint? There is more than one way to accomplish that. You can go with a mirror tint that makes it almost impossible to see inside your commercial building from the outside. This can give your location a great look and feel as well as providing all the other benefits of window tint. Or do you want to go with a dark tint that keeps out much of the sun’s rays and keeps your air conditioning costs down? The Arizona sun can seem to find its way through any available opening.

#2 Thickness

Did you know that there are different levels of commercial window tint? Not only are there different levels but there are also different brands. Each brand has its good and bad points, from price to thickness to color options.

#3 Coloring

Do you want to make a statement with coloring or special commercial tint? There are all kinds of options available to you! Make a splash with a distinctive color tinting on your exterior windows.

#4 Installation

When you are ready for your commercial window tint to be installed, make sure that you have a clean surface to start with. The area that the tint will be applied to needs to be as clean as possible. This will ensure that a perfect application is created.

#5 Price

It all comes down to price sometimes. You can weigh your options against the pricing of the window tint that you are looking for. In the long run, commercial window tint is a great investment which will help protect your business and its furnishings and employees for years to come.

Commercial Window Tinting with Cactus Window Tint

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