You pull up to the parking lot and all the spots in the shade are taken. After leaving your car parked for a few hours while you run errands, you return to an unbearably hot car. The heat blasts toward you as you open the door and everything inside is painfully hot from the seats to the steering wheel.

Once you make it into your car, you put the air conditioning on full blast in an attempt to stay remotely cool. It takes a few minutes to kick in, but eventually you cool down. Eventually, running the air conditioning on high power for extended periods of time eats away at your gas mileage and you find yourself at the pump yet again.Automotive Window Ting    Cactus Tint

In the Scottsdale sun, you probably experience this scenario all too often. When the summer sun is in full force, internal car temperatures have been reported to reach up to 120 degrees. It seems like there is little relief from a hot car in the sun, but window tinting is an easy solution to keep you cool in the summer. You do not have to sacrifice gas mileage in order to stay cool. Window tinting is the affordable decision to beat the summer heat.

Also, window tinting does more than keep temperatures bearable during the hot days of a Scottsdale summer. The ultraviolet rays of the sun actually penetrate the glass windows and you can absorb these harmful rays even from inside your car!  People think that they are safe from the sun’s rays in their car, but standard glass windows from car manufacturers offer no protection from the type of rays that cause skin cancer.

When it comes to window tinting, Scottsdale turns to one company that specializes in window tinting and window tinting alone. Cactus Window Tint has two decades of experience in window tinting to provide the exact film to fit your car. There is no make or model that the experts cannot fit and there is a wide array of film options available to customize your window tinting.  

Beat the heat this summer by window tinting your vehicle. Talk to the experts at Cactus Window Tint to discuss how you can cool down your car while protecting yourself from ultraviolet rays at the same time. Finally you can actually escape the unbearable summer sun for a few moments in the comfort of your car.