When a major automobile manufacturer designs a car, they try to create something universally appealing and functional.  Their buyers are located all across the US (or the even the world) so they have to come up with features and options that will work for many different types of buyers living in many varied climates and conditions.

glass tintingWhile this approach helps make the resulting car a good seller across the board, an individual owner may find that certain aspects need a little customization.  In Scottsdale, window tinting is one form of customization that many car owners choose.  Here are a few reasons that window tinting is so popular in this area.

Sun Protection
In a high-heat area like Scottsdale, glass tinting is a helpful after-market customization.  The arid climate means that we have far more hot, sunny days than other parts of the country.  The sun’s rays are tough on both people and vehicles in this state.  Window tinting helps car owners stay comfortable, cuts down on energy usage while driving and protects the vehicle’s interior.

Getting into a hot car can hurt.  The air temperature inside a car in an average 85 degree day can reach over 120 degrees in just 30 minutes.  The oven-like heat after a few hours in the sun can cause surface to become, quite literally, burning hot as anyone who has sat on a dark vinyl car seat can attest.  The steering wheel and other hard surfaces are just as painfully heated.  Tinting the car windows cuts down on the amount of heat allowed in through the glass by nearly 70%, markedly reducing the heat build-up inside.

If the sun’s rays are partially blocked from entering the vehicle, then less energy is needed to cool it down and keep it cool as it runs.  Car owners with tinted windows may not need to run their car’s air conditioners as high or for as long as they would without the tinting.  This helps reduce the energy usage of the vehicle.  Energy conservation can lead to savings at the fuel pump as well.

Tinting a car’s windows also helps protect the interior from up to 99% the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays.  The dashboard and other interior surfaces need UV protection just like our skin does to keep it from drying out, aging prematurely and cracking.

Security and Safety
Window tinting also affords car owners an added measure of security.  Darker windows make it harder for an opportunistic thief to see inside the car to easy to steal items like the stereo.  A layer window film will add to the shatter resistance of the glass.  It will help hold broken glass in place should the windshield break.

Personal style is certainly a popular reason to utilize window tinting.  There is a certain amount of panache imparted to a car when the window tinting is well done.

No matter what reasons bring you to a Scottsdale window tinting specialist, be sure to choose a company that does the job right the first time.  A poorly applied tint just isn’t worth the money but a properly installed window film will help protect both you and your car.