When most people think of window tinting, they think of the cars they see on the road with the darkened windows.  However, glass tinting doesn’t just apply to vehicles.  More and more, people are inquiring about having the windows of their homes tinted, and for good reason.  There are lots of benefits to residential glass tinting in Scottsdale, and Cactus Window Tint has the skills and experience you’re looking for when it comes to darkening your home’s windows.  

So what are some of the reasons behind the decision to tint the windows of a house?  Well for starters, the energy savings can be significant. With all the sunlight your windows let in, they’re also letting in a lot of heat.  During the searing hot summer months in Scottsdale, your air conditioner is working overtime to keep your home cool.  So why make it work harder than it has to?  With residential glass tinting, you can reduce the amount of heat coming into your home, thus reducing your energy bill.  While you’ll pay costs up front for the window film, you’ll save significantly in the long run in terms of energy conservation.  

Another huge factor in residential window tinting has to do with all the harmful UV rays that come through clear glass.  By now, we’ve all heard just how damaging the sun can be, and most of us take precautions to keep our skin safe.  However, many people don’t consider the damage that can occur even while you’re inside. UV rays can have lasting impacts, even while you’re indoors.  Tinting your home’s windows will increase your UV protection, keeping you and your family safer.  

You’ll also save your furnishings and give them a longer lifespan with tinted windows on your home.  The sunlight coming in through your windows has a direct impact on any furniture it hits, and this can primarily be seen in the fading of sofas, chairs, and other pieces of furniture.  Of course you want your furniture to look great, so keep it that way longer with residential window film.  

Another reason behind the increase in residential glass tinting is the added safety measures it affords.  Darkened windows means more privacy, which also means that other people can’t see in your home as easily.  While the extra privacy is certainly an advantage in its own right, you’ll also prevent others from seeing any valuables you have inside.  Window film also makes glass less likely to shatter, so your windows will actually be stronger and more resistant to breaking in the event that your home is targeted.  

At Cactus Window Tint, we’ve been darkening windows and making people more comfortable for nearly 20 years.  We have the skills and experience you need when it comes to Scottsdale residential window tinting, and we take pride in a job well done.  Protect your home and family with our superior materials and skills.