Need Tinted Windows?  Done.  
When you have windows that need tinting, there should be one place you go – Cactus Window Tinting.  We have made it our mission to be the best of the best in the business of tinting – and we mean it.  Tinting provides you with a wide range of benefits, whether you intent to tint the windows of your car, your business office, or your home residence.  There are all sorts of excellent reasons to tint windows, from aesthetic views or for environmental reasons.  We take into account exactly what you are looking for and provide you with service and quality that you won’t soon forget.
tint         Cactus Window Tint
Choose Your Windows  
Tinting car windows can do a great deal for any car, from giving it a sleeker look to helping tone down the interior heat when the summer months hit.  It doesn’t matter what your make or model is – we’ve got the windows and the tools to get you exactly what you need.  You can choose from a variety of film options.  If you like, we can even provide paint protection film and decorative film for additional vehicle style and protection.

Commercial window tinting is given the same amount of care and attention.  It can help lower costs when it comes to interior temperatures, saving your business as well as the environment.  It doesn’t matter if you have a small building or a ten-story one – we’re ready to take on the job.  Consultations and site analysis are free, so we can tell you what would work best for your location before you make any final decisions.

Residential window film options can do much of the same in terms of environmental benefits, but it can also help offer you additional privacy if you so desire.  You can choose from a number of film options to suit your windows and we can give you a free consultation to understand what you want and how we can help make it a reality.

Made in the Shade  
As one of the most experienced Scottsdale window tinting companies you can feel confident knowing that we have the knowledge as well as a drive to bring you the highest in quality.  We work with two of the best film manufacturers in the world in order to do so.  Understanding the industry inside and out gives us the ability to serve you better, and we know that you’ll be thrilled with the results of your window tinting.