A little bit of tint can go a long way…  
Window tinting has been quite popular for a long time; however it was never quite as advanced as it is now.  In the past, people tinted car windows for style or to keep others from looking in.  While those are still two very valid reasons to tint your windows, there are now a lot of other reasons that make tinting your car an excellent idea.   Sun Tek, Cactus Window Tint

Here in Arizona the sun is particularly tough on cars during summer, and it doesn’t let up during winter months either.  Tinting can help give your car’s interior a longer life by protecting it not only from the sun’s heat, but also from its UV rays.  If left too long in the sun, leather interiors can crack and upholstery can fade.  What’s more, hopping into a roasting hot car after a long day at work is not something that anyone wants to do.  Tinting your windows brings the heat down considerably so it is much more comfortable when you finally get in again.  

What is Sun Tek?  
When it comes to window tinting, we work with several manufacturers within the industry in order to bring you excellent variety.  Sun Tek is one of the producers of window film and a manufacturer that we prefer to use in a lot of cases because of the high quality of their films.  They don’t just have one film type – rather, they have several film types that can be used on your car, each one providing something a little different depending upon your needs.   

Sun Tek works with various distributors so they aren’t the kind of product you can go into an auto store and purchase.  You need professionals with knowledge of window tinting to obtain and install the window films.  

Should I get Sun Tek for my car?  
We offer a variety of manufacturer products and Sun Tek is among them.  We do highly recommend everything they make, but that doesn’t mean you have to have Sun Tek window film applied to your car.  Talk to us about any preferences you might have and products you are interested in.  We can show you the different films offered by Sun Tek so you can see all of the differences in them and how each can benefit your car.  We only want you to get the best of the best and to walk away satisfied with your window tinting experience and love the results every day after.