In this tough economy, businesses are looking to increase profits in every possible way while investing as little money as possible. Trimming operational costs is a great way to achieve a higher profit margin, but there are few options that do not sacrifice the quality of products and services or the working conditions of the employees.

Energy efficiency is often overlooked when considering how to reduce operational costs. Office buildings are particularly susceptible to poor energy efficiency and can come with extremely expensive utilities. Trying to cool down such a large space in the Scottsdale sun is no small featcommercial window tinting   Cactus Window Tint!

Commercial window tinting reduces the internal heat temperatures, requiring less energy consumption to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. The window film reflects away 71% of the heat from the sun, which means energy consumption, is reduced in cooling the building. With the high costs of utilities, energy efficiency improvements can lead to real money that begins to pay off in no time at all.

Won’t tinted windows create a dismal atmosphere? No one wants to work in a dark, dreary office and with tinted windows no one has to! Employees can enjoy natural light and a view of outside without losing any of the energy efficiency of the technology. Maximum productivity from employees requires a certain level of comfort and the technologies of Suntek let in up to 35% of the available natural light. Just because you reduce operational costs, does not mean you have to reduce the comfort and safety of the employees.

Safety of employees is always important and heat is merely the beginning of the problems associated with too much sun exposure. Hot spots and glares are the result of harmful UV rays, which can cause skin damage and in some cases skin cancer. The Suntek technology used in window films rejects 99% of the dangerous UV Rays and creates a healthier, safer workplace for employees.

Cutting the operation costs of any business is difficult and you need a company that understands the value in improvements. Businesses in Scottsdale trust the professional experience that Cactus Window Tint brings to every installation. For the past 18 years, Cactus Window Tint has committed to one thing and one thing only: window tinting in Scottsdale. Equipped with the latest technologies in window film, Cactus Window Tint can significantly reduce your operational costs without giving up the basic workplace comforts for employees.