Businesses spend a lot of time trying to reduce costs and increase profit while making sure their employees stay happy and productive.  One of the simplest ways to take care of all these things at once could be tinting the windows of your business.  Think tinted windows are only decoration for vehicles?  Think again.  Thanks to innovations in commercial window tinting technology, businesses in the Scottsdale area can experience the advantages of investing in this process.

The first concern you will probably have is about the appearance. Don’t be.  With many warm, natural finishes, such as neutral and bronze, this treatment will only enhance the appearance of your building. Low interior and exterior finishes reduce glare while enhancing the views from your windows.  The view of the outside is unaltered.

Businesses who invest in tinting will reap the savings of going green.  Afterwindow tinting       Cactus Window Tint all, the kind of windows in a building is only the beginning of energy efficiency.  Consider the typically sunny Scottsdale day.  How much money could you save in utilities by reducing the heat from the sun’s rays through the windows by up to 71%?  Tinting technology from 3M makes this possible.

Reducing UV glare is also healthier for your employees.  We have all heard the research behind skin cancer.  The most dangerous form, melanoma, is caused through overexposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays.  When we are purposely exposing ourselves to the sun, we take precautions.  If we’re sitting in a hot car in traffic while the sun beats down, we are aware of the sun’s rays.  But we do not often consider what damage might be done within our place of work itself.  The typical employee spends between 8 – 9 hours at work, sometimes sitting in the sun or within range of the sun’s rays for hours at a time.  Commerical building window tinting can block most UV exposure, creating a healthier workplace and grateful employees.

With Cactus Window Tinting, your business can take advantage of our professional experience and knowledge.  Our 20 years in the Scottsdale window tinting market means we have worked with the two best Window Film Manufacturers in the world business.  Our solo commitment to tinting means that you get our undivided expertise when you bring your job to us.  Our commitment to quality installation, attention to detail and superior customer service are the cornerstone of our success.