If you have a car and want it to stand out in a crowd, how do you go about it? Without turning your car into a complete pimp mobile you can still add a bit of bling that will make your car look that bit different. Here are my favourite ways to make my cars turn a few heads, but still have a modicum of class.


This is the obvious place to start, and in the same way that “clothes make the man”, so do “wheels make a car”. It is no use simply randomly picking your wheels though, and you will need to visit a few wheel shops before your final decision. Personally I love chrome, and chrome wheels that glisten in the sun will always gain a person’s attention. However ,it is possible to make as bold a statement with matt black wheels. Consider your paintjob and the effect you want to make before your purchase. If you have seen a vehicle with wheels you like and you have a similar paint job, you are probably going to like the same on your car.


You need to be careful here as different areas and states can have different laws on the types of tints you can use. Ironically, if you want to make your windows get you noticed you need a tint that makes it impossible to get yourself noticed i.e. one where people cannot see inside your car. This will give your car a mystery that gets people thinking. There are also practical benefits to tinting as well, and the reduction in heat in your car and the preservation of your upholstery should not be forgotten. For an extra bit of show you could even get your headlights tinted, though again you will need to check on regulations, and will need to have strong bulbs fitted.


It is amazing the difference altering the suspension on a car can give the overall look. By simply increasing or lowering the suspension height a small amount a car can look completely different to a standard equivalent. Whether you want to make a car look sleeker or chunkier, the effect can be brought about with your suspension. The more attention you seek, the larger the alteration you make. However, I am not suggesting floor hugging cars that can bounce up a street, or monster truck springs. Lowering or increasing the height by 2 or 3 inches will generally be enough for people to notice a difference.

Fluffy Dice

Fitting fluffy dice to your car may actually get you noticed more that my other recommendations. The problem is that the people who notice you will probably not be the ones you want to impress, and fluffy dice should always be used with caution.

Although the fluffy dice is an attempt at humour on my part, people do fit these to their cars and it is a way to show their personalities, and that is important. Make sure the alterations you make to your vehicle fit in with your personality or you could be the owner of a car you never want to drive.