Most people know at least a little about auto window tinting.  Especially in areas with year-round sun like Scottsdale, window tinting is a needed customization for many vehicles.  It helps protect their surface from the sun and reduces heat build-up inside the car.  However, not everyone knows that this service is also available for commercial buildings.

window tinting       Cactus Window TintThe climate here in Scottsdale is classified as “arid”.  That means we have less rain and lots more sunny days here than in most other areas of the country.  Long hours under the punishing sun can turn into increased sun damage and increased energy costs.  In Scottsdale, window tinting for commerical buildings is a cost-effective way to counteract the sun’s damaging rays.

Energy Savings
Companies are striving to seek out ways to reduce their impact on the environment and save money at the same time.  Reducing energy usage is at the top of most lists.  Applying a protective window film on a commercial building can help accomplish both of these goals.

Commercial window tinting will block the sun’s rays from penetrating the windows and causing hot spots inside.  This reduces the load the building’s air conditioner is forced to handle.  It also ups your employees’ productivity by reducing glare on computer screens and cutting down on hot spots in the office.  They do all this without sacrificing natural light in the process.

Safety and Security
Window film from companies like 3M can also help protect your commercial building.  These films provide an added layer of breakage protection, holding broken glass in place.  This prevents flying glass in the event of a major weather event like a tornado or violent storm or even a man-made blast.  These protective films also make it harder to see inside the building.  These two factors combined will be enough to deter many opportunistic “smash and grab” type thieves.

In addition to the UV protection and safety features of glass tinting, there is also an aesthetic value to applying a film.  There are many designs available that look, for example, like etched glass but are available at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.  Window films give the building owner the option of changing the look for a tenant without a lot of hassle or expense.

Tinting the windows of you commercial building is a good idea and will save money.  Be sure to pick an installation company that uses the best products and is known for doing things right the first time.  Cactus Window Tinting is experienced, reliable and knowledgeable.  Let us help you find the right solution for your commercial or residential building.