What is clear bra? Clear bra is a clear, almost invisible protective film that keeps rocks, dirt and road debris away from your car. To protect the car from weather, bad detailers and those nasty rocks, adding a clear bra to your vehicle’s most vulnerable areas makes sense.

No chipping.

Having and using your clear bra makes it so your car is protected from chipping in the paint due to rocks or other items hitting the film. Who wants a rock chip in the paint on a brand new vehicle? Or any vehicle really?

No rusting.

When you get a chip in your paint, it’s going to start letting water get into the area. This means that area will be susceptible for rusting. Water can also get into the cracks and start to seep into other areas.

No chowing.

What? When you expose your paint to chemicals found on the road, like salt, you are exposing the area to potential chemical reactions that will eat at the paint and the finish of the vehicle.

Easy to install.

A clear bra is very and simple to have installed by a true professional. This is not something that you do on your own, but will last you a long time. It won’t damage your vehicle’s paint or finish.

Easy to replace.

Do you drive in areas with a lot of construction? Are you driving a lot? Does your vehicle get a lot of wear? If you are worried about your vehicle enough to get a clear bra then you’ll know that it will help you keep your car safe from nicks. But what happens when the clear bra needs to be replaced? Not a problem! When the first clear bra starts to lose its attractiveness, you can have it easily replaced!

Easy to love.

When your clear bra keeps your car looking better than ever, what’s not to love? It helps protect your paint so you have the best looking ride possible. And even better, when you are ready to sell your car, you’ll be more competitive since the paint will still look amazing and brand new since you decided to protect it.

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