tinted windows     Cactus Window TintMore Than Just Eye Candy  
When was the last time you saw a car drive by with tinted windows?  What was your first reaction?  That it was stylish?  That it was something you might like to have done?  

While we can’t deny that tinted car windows look great, there are actually many different reasons for you to tint your windows.  In fact, a lot of people don’t even realize the benefits that window tinting can offer when it comes to their car.

Top Reasons to Tint  
First and foremost, window tinting can help keep your car much cooler in the summer heat.  How much?  High quality tinting can mean when you get into your car it can be at least 60% cooler.  No more blasting the A/C from the start to cool down.  Tinting also helps to keep you safe from the sun as well.  Instead of driving around bathed in harmful UVA and UVB rays, the right kind of tinting keeps those rays away from you, saving you from cell damage and lowering your risk of skin cancer.  In addition, to this, tinting also helps cut down on glare while you are on the road, helping you to see better and drive more safely. These same rays can also damage the interior of your car.  Tinting keeps upholstery from fading and cracking.

An excellent case for window tinting is one that often surprises people.  Excellent tinting can actually help hold shattered glass together in the case of an accident.  This means occupants of the car are better protected should anything happen.

Naturally, if a car’s windows are tinted, it makes it very difficult to see inside.  This can help protect your privacy and discourage any potential break-ins.  If the burglar cannot see what is inside your car, then why bother breaking in for nothing? Theft discouraged; your car safe.

Talk to Us About Tinting  
We’ve been in the business of tinting windows for over 20 years.  We know everything there is to know when it comes to the right films, factory warranties, installation guidelines, and trade secrets.  We’re proud to be one of Scottsdale’s premier window tinting companies.   Have any questions?  Want to know more about tinting and what types of film are available to you?  Let us know.  We are more than happy to provide information on all the different services we offer.  It doesn’t matter what make and model your car is – we’ve got the experience, the knowledge, and the highest quality products in our hands.  We’re ready to show you all the benefits of window tinting from a professional company.