Privacy, energy costs and safety are the concerns of many households in the Scottsdale area, yet very few consider how residential window tinting can help alleviate these problems. Homeowners end up spending money on home improvements that never work when there is one process that can take care of everything: window tinting. The trusted source of Cactus Window Tint has helped homes achieve a greater level of comfort, financial security, and safety for the past 18 years.

No matter what neighborhood you live in, privacy is a concern for any Scottsdale resident. With high reflectivity on the exterior and low reflecresidential tinting   Cactus Window Tinttivity on the interior, a tinted window allows you to see the outside world without anyone being able to see inside your house. You can let in natural sunlight without sacrificing privacy. The improved strength of the glass can also reinforce the glass in case of an attempted break-in.

Energy costs continue to rise year after year and show no signs of stopping. There is a solution to the endless energy consumption by completing the energy efficient improvement of window tinting for homes. Using the latest technology from 3M, window tinting reflects 71% of the heat away from your house and reduces internal temperatures to a bearable level. Imagine actually being able to turn off the air conditioning every once and a while! With lower energy consumption, your utility bill will start to go down every month instead of climbing higher and higher.

Not only will you lower your monthly utility bill, but you can also save on your taxes. The government offered a tax credit of ten percent for those who installed tinted windows in 2011. Homeowners earned a refund of up to $500 and tax incentives like this are expected to continue. While there are initial costs of window tinting, most households more than make up the investment in as little as two years.

When you think about window tinting, you may think about the dramatic reduction in heat. Unfortunately, heat is not the only negative effect of the sun in the summer. The ultraviolet rays travel right through traditional glass windows, putting your whole family at risk for skin cancer. One in six Americans will develop skin cancer throughout their lifetime and sources like windows in your home can no longer be ignored. Tinting the windows in your home will reduce approximately 99% of the UV rays and eliminate the exposure to skin cancer.

To improve the privacy, energy efficiency and safety in your home in one process, talk to the specialists at Cactus Window Tint. With a free site analysis, there is no risk to you as you explore the benefits of home window tinting. Once you begin the process, you can take advantage of a number of home improvement options and learn more about guidelines, warranties and secrets of the trade. Cactus Window Tint will give you the added comfort and security you are looking for in your home through the process of window tinting.