Window film, also known as the process of window tinting, is a thin polyester film. It’s self-adhesive and is applied to the interior of all applicable windows. It’s a retrofit material, so it can be applied to home, car, or commercial windows, but the glass must be flat. That is the main stipulation. The glass cannot be jagged or misshapen. SunTek is a manufacturing organization that creates and distributes this product to contractors. They, along with 3M, are one of the leading producers of window film. SunTek and all of its products is just a subsidiary under Commonwealth Laminating & Coating, Inc. While CLC is based in Virginia, SunTek can be found in Canada, China, Australia, Europe, and the UK. CLC provides international support for those with question, comments, and concerns with their manufactured products. For those in the US, SunTek window films can be found throughout the nation. Yes, even in Alaska and Hawaii.   SunTek window tint, Cactus Window Tint

What Can SunTek Do for Your Vehicle?  
Aside from window film which can protect your car, home, or business from UV rays, SunTek also provides paint protection, and as of January 28, 2013, they have released the matte line of their Paint Protection Film. The original PPF keeps cars from being damaged by rocks, salts, insects, and other debris that can impair a driver. The paint is scratch and crack resistant, offers ‘superior optical clarity’ and increases a car longevity. The matte option is available for those who don’t want that nice glossy finish. The Paint Protection Film – Matte, or PPF-M, offers those same features as well as utilizing an advanced, self-healing, solvent resistant top-coat. This makes for an easy installation and increases the paint’s longevity as well. PPF has non top-coat (NC) and top coat (C) options, as well.   

Does SunTek Offer Any Other Services?  
CLC manufactures not just for cars, but for residential and commercial properties as well. SunTek extends their competitive prices to their consumers, who in turn provide you with this quality material for less than market prices. CLC stands by their Manufacturer’s Warranty, giving their customers the option to touch up on their product either now or in the near future. On top of this, SunTek boasts safety and security services for residential, commercial, and government properties. Should you take an interest in this for your home, business, or private government agency, take solace in the fact that these window films provide protection from ultraviolet rays, ‘smash and grab robberies’, and prevents injury from stray glass during violent storms. Compare their services against 3M or any other competitor and make the call of quality for yourself.