Any Scottsdale resident can you just tell how unbearably hot it gets here in the summer.  With the majority of daytime temperatures reaching well into the 100s, being outside in the middle of the day is something most people try to avoid.  However, this is not always possible.  If you do have to get out, then you and everyone else on the road are on the lookout for a shady spot to park your car, and the competition can be fierce.  Save yourself the fight and turn to one of the most effective options for keeping cool – car window tinting.   car window tinting   Cactus Window Tint

There are many benefits to using a window film to darken your car’s windows, but the most obvious is the huge difference it will make in the interior temperature of your vehicle.  In fact, window tinting can reduce the temperature in your car by up to 60%, making it dramatically cooler.  On a typical summer day in Arizona, this is a pretty big deal. Imagine being able to park your car wherever you want, without having to worry about getting into a scalding hot car.  Your seat, steering wheel, controls, and dash will all be noticeably cooler, and you can be on your way without having to blast the AC for 20 minutes just to make it cool enough to sit down.  And speaking of your AC, tinting your window can actually reduce the amount of air conditioning you use, which can also have a direct impact on your wallet at the gas pump.  

Another great benefit of window tinting is the reduction of harmful UV rays that pass through clear glass.  Everyone knows about the damage caused by these rays, but many people mistakenly assume that if they’re in their car with the windows up, they’re safe.  Well, they’re wrong.  UV rays can still harm your skin through your windows and windshield, but with tinted windows, these rays are significantly reduced, leaving you more protected from the sun.  UV rays can also damage your car’s interior, in the forms of cracking and fading.  Protect both you and your vehicle from the sun’s harmful effects with window tinting.  

Safety is the other main advantage of having your vehicle’s windows tinted.  Tinted windows provide a couple of different safety features, including reducing glare from the sun or other headlights and night and making glass less likely to shatter in the event of an accident.  While you have probably never thought of tinted windows giving you an extra measure of security, they can actually have quite an impact in keeping you safe on the road.  

At Cactus Window Tint, we understand all of the great advantages of window tinting, and it’s our job to make sure you know the full range of benefits.  We have over 20 years of experience in the Scottsdale window tint market, and we know how to do the job right.  Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we have the understanding and experience you need for a job done right.  Keep you and your vehicle safe, cool, and happy with a window film you can be happy with.