When you need to block out strong light from your home there are several very good options you can choose from. The right window shade will not only keep your home cooler, it will cut down on damaging UV rays and protect your home furnishings from fading. Read on for four great window shade options for your home.

1: Blind

The most popular window blind options come in vertical or horizontal styles. Both these styles can be adjusted to control light and ventilation. Window blinds come in a large variety of styles and materials, and when fully closed can reduce heat gain by around 45%. If a more “dressy” window style is desired, window blinds can be good options as they can be used with curtains or other window dressings. Both vertical blinds and horizontal blinds are easy to take care of. Just a general dusting and occasional cleaning with either a specialized cleaning spray or soapy water is all that is needed to keep them looking great.

2: Window Film

Window film works particularly well in hot and sunny climates. Window films are used not just for window tints for homes, but also car window tinting and commercial window tinting. They offer a great deal of shading and cooling in a room. They can also provide privacy if a tinted style is chosen. The added benefit of window film is that it can help dissuade potential burglars from targeting your home. If the film is tinted, a burglar cannot see in, meaning they will have no idea what the contents inside are and if it is worth trying to enter your property. The only downside with window film is that some care is required when cleaning, so as not to damage the film.

3: Window shades

Window shades generally come in two options; roman and roller. With roman blinds you have several layers of fabric and lining which can completely block out light, and with roller shades you have one piece of fabric or material which can be rolled up or down to any length of the window. These kinds of shades can act both as insulation and as an air barrier. When choosing window shades, make sure you take into consideration how much light and shade you require. Lighter material versions will not provide the same amount of shade or insulation as denser material options.

4: Shutters

Window shutters are a permanent fixture and are the most expensive shade option of the 4 options given. When closed they filter out light completely, and when open they provide an open spacious feel. The downside is that they can be very expensive, especially if you have a lot of windows in your home. However, the plus side is that they will add value to your home. There are also several budget options available rather than traditional hardwood, so shop around to see which options suits your home and budget best.

With most window fittings it is always a good idea to have them professionally fitted. Search online or via your local directory for companies which offer this service.